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Abd El Rahman ALi ( B.Blazin)

Postion : C . E . O

★Deejay B.Blazin★-
His name is : Abd El Rhman Ali-Born on April 21th ,1990
-He start to mix tracks since 2001 . B.Blazin was crazy about Music wiz Different Genres like Oriental , Hardrock , Chill out , Rap , RAie music and more . Every Genere Gave him different feelin’ and lived wiz it, and increased its musical sence he dreamed to be a star between his Friends annd strated to buy some softwares like ( PC Silver Dj ) and started to study logics of Music playin and to watch and learn from famous Dj s and watchin djs all over the local and international parties .
-He start as a dj player at school and Friends parties at the age of 11, then he play on the beaches.B.Blazin meet many people who tried to Extinguished his musical power but he still playin in silence wiz more and more power and strong belive of his talent .-First he used to play trance music and techno until ●six corners party● at 2007-Then he fall in love with trible house music and then he got more logics and techinecs and studied music and listened more sessinons from diffrent countries around da world and read in musical rescreaches and feel every single beat wiz his heart .-His first party as a trible house dj player was in ●swiss inn● at 2008 at dis time he dealed wiz Dj muchoo from Jourdan and gave him more power and more trust in his musical sence . At dis time he worked harder than usual till he got what he need from fam and power and started to fly higher wiz his hope .He produced two trackes for Nile Fm ( Right at night ) and ( Feel da beat ) and Broad casted wiz Club Mercides show on Nile FM then -He startes to Deals with NILE FM at November 2010 till 2013 after he that he dealed wiz California FM….
he makes private parties and color festivals
and supported from DJ Tranzit / Bica Nile FMResidency at :

-Bestrot Cafe
-Intelligence Club
-Mövenpick (El sokhna) – summer 2009
-Season kamelfe-
-San George – summer 2009
-Elnile school – Annually
– Andria Saqura – 2011
– See yehya ( Cafe )- 2009
– Cairo 1940 – 2011
– Castelo Cafe – winter 2010
– swiss inn Nile Hotel – summer 2008
– Khan El 5aely Club – 2009
– Cairo’s Gatway Plaza – 2009
– le Meridian Hotel – 2012
– Joined many Color Festivals as DJ And mick man


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